Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale Debut at Casa Ferrari Abu Dhabi

The newest hypercar offering from the legendary Italian automaker Ferrari recently made its long-awaited Middle East debut at Casa Ferrari Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale model joins the fleet of new and pre-owned Ferraris available for sale or after-sales services at the authorized Ferrari dealer located within the Yas Mall on Yas Island.

Considered a halo model for the Prancing Horse marquee, the SF90 XX Stradale represents the leading edge of Ferrari’s hybrid electrification technology that the company aims to incorporate across its entire model range moving forward. Powered by a hybrid powertrain that generates a total system output of 986 horsepower, Ferrari bills the SF90 XX Stradale as its most powerful production car to date.

Introduction of New Hybridized Ferrari Hypercar

Previewed by a pair of initial concept vehicles known as the LaFerrari and LaFerrari Aperta hybrid hypercars, the SF90 XX Stradale is the first series production Ferrari to utilize electric motors to supplement the output of its traditional internal combustion powerplant. The result is a new genre of electrified Ferrari hypercars with uniquely explosive performance capabilities combined with a potential for eco-friendlier operation.

Positioned above the mid-engine F8 Tributo in the automaker’s model hierarchy, the SF90 XX Stradale introduces a new naming convention to the Ferrari lineup as well. The “SF” prefix stands for “Special Ferrari” while “90” marks the 90th anniversary of the company founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. The “XX” signifies the car as an extreme performance model. Lastly, “Stradale” indicates it as a street-legal machine unlike single-use Ferrari XX prototype track cars.

Powertrain Specifications

Concealed beneath sleek carbon fiber coachwork lies the most sophisticated powertrain ever incorporated into a road-going Ferrari. A newly-developed 780-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine derived from Ferrari’s 812 Superfast grand tourer resides behind the two seats as a mid-mounted centerpiece attraction.

On its own, this blistering powerplant generates a stratospheric 8,000 revolutions-per-minute (rpm) redline while enabling 2.5-second zero-to-62 mph sprints and sub-seven-second zero-to-124 mph bursts. Impressively, the boosted V8 delivers its peak 574 lb-ft of torque from a low 3,000 rpm all the way to its astronomical ceiling.

Supplementing this combustion engine are three electric traction motors – one mounted between the engine and 8-speed dual-clutch transmission at the rear axle, and one powering each front wheel to facilitate all-wheel-drive capabilities. This hybrid system increases total output to 986 hp with wheel torque now registering over 660 lb-ft.

Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics & Design

In line with its cutting-edge powertrain, the SF90 Stradale incorporates active aerodynamic elements and next-generation design hallmarks. By efficiently managing airflow distribution over, beneath and through the car’s carbon fiber skin, a balance between maximum downforce and minimum drag is attained at speed.

A completely flat underbelly works in conjunction with deployable spoilers and diffusers for optimized results. At 174 mph, the SF90 Stradale generates up to 860 pounds of downforce with zero extra drag. Openings in the body – like the “S-Duct” vent in the front hood – guide airflow through inside channels to boost cooling and reduce turbulence. The net effect allows the SF90 Stradale to keep its wheels firmly planted on tarmac for apex-hugging adherence when attacking turns or straight-line acceleration runs.

Signature exterior styling cues for the marque like feline headlight assemblies and tapered taillights lend familiar visual identity while reinterpreted to suit the car’s otherworldly performance credentials. Dihedral doors swing open to reveal a modern cabin blending aluminum, leather and Alcantara upholstery. A floating touchscreen display with redesigned human-machine interface headlines the interior’s high-tech appointments list.

Own the Future with Ferrari’s Halo Vehicle

As the first all-new Ferrari since the 812 Superfast introduced in 2017, the SF90 XX Stradale spearheads the company’s future plans to electrify its range by utilizing hybrid powertrains. But newfound eco-friendliness belies its utterly savage performance capabilities that vault it straight into the top echelon of the world’s fastest supercars.

With blistering metrics like a 2.5-second zero to 62 mph acceleration time and a claimed 211 mph top speed, the SF90 Stradale lives up to its billing as an uncompromising halo model for the storied Prancing Horse brand. Future-focused engineering combined with a luxurious and driver-centric interior ensure Ferrari’s newest flagship ushers in the next generation of high-performance excellence that loyal Tifosi clamor for.

As the marquee’s one thousandth road car, the LaFerrari originally pioneered its pioneering hybrid powertrain concept for the 21st century. By making that same technology accessible in a regular production model like the SF90 Stradale, the Italian automaker looks to extend its sustainable success into forthcoming decades as well.

With deliveries to yearning owners slated to commence before end of 2019, the wait is nearly over to experience Maranello’s history-making technical tour de force firsthand. As Ferrari’s most advanced hypercar ever unleashed, the SF90 Stradale is undeniably the ultimate example of the company living up to its “Own the Future” ethos.

Regional Middle East Debut of SF90 Stradale at Casa Ferrari

Making its anticipated regional debut, the very first SF90 XX Stradale supercar recently joined the showroom inventory at Casa Ferrari Abu Dhabi. As an authorized dealer for new and pre-owned Ferrari automobiles, the boutique showroom also provides aftersales servicing and original parts supply. Customers can browse inventory or arrange test drives of available SF90 Stradale vehicles by directly contacting Casa Ferrari.

Occupying a prime retail location within Abu Dhabi’s prestigious Yas Mall center on Yas Island, Casa Ferrari offers an oasis for affluent Emirati collectors and driving enthusiasts seeking their next exotic ride. With an inventory encompassing the full model range from current F8 Tributos to limited-production classics, one is sure to discover their perfect match whether shopping for a daily commuter or investment-grade showpiece to grace their private car collection.

Supporting purchases with an on-site workshop and service center staffed by Ferrari’s factory-trained technicians ensures optimal care for new acquisitions and veteran vehicles alike. Utilizing computerized diagnostics equipment and direct access to genuine components from Maranello, the expert mechanics guarantee Beverly Hills-caliber attention for every pristine Ferrari. From routine scheduled maintenance like fluid changes and tire rotations to more intricate 30k/60k major services and repairs, the white-gloved treatment prioritizes preservation of performance and monetary value for cherished exotics.

Ferrari Tailor Made Personalization Program

For the most discerning clientele pursuing the ultimate expression of exclusivity, Ferrari offers their Tailor Made personalization service as well. By collaborating one-on-one with Maranello’s design department, customers can craft bespoke specifications for custom aesthetics, finishes, materials and more.

Starting with an existing model like the SF90 Stradale, inspiration stems from features already found in the Ferrari range or through unique concepts exploring new styling territory altogether. Popular upgrades include expertly sculpted carbon fiber aero bits or one-off exterior paint mixing signature Rosso Corsa with accent striping in a contrasting hue.

Inside, the interior trim presents a blank canvas for boundless amounts of imagination too. Color-matched Alcantara, hand-stitched leathers or even precious metals like yellow gold can elevate the cockpit ambience. In addition to appearance, ergonomic enhancements like racing-derived bucket seats or re-trimmed steering wheels upholstered in buttery hides also dial up the driving experience closer to motorsports-grade nirvana.

Meticulous attention to the most minute details combined with top-shelf components fabricated by artisan craftsmen results in a truly unique creation reflecting the owner’s distinctive personality and tastes. With the Tailor Made service being offered at Casa Ferrari Abu Dhabi, regional enthusiasts have access to realize their wildest visions by personalizing Maranello’s latest machines.

Halo Model Leads Ferrari into an Electrified Future

As the crown jewel currently occupying the top rung of the Ferrari model hierarchy until an eventual LaFerrari successor arrives, the SF90 Stradale provides an electrifying glimpse into the company’s future mission. Moving forward, nearly all forthcoming Ferraris will incorporate some degree of hybrid assistance like that found in the halo hypercar now available.

Building upon the breakthrough first introduced by the landmark LaFerrari in 2013, the SF90 Stradale represents the next evolution in Maranello’s plan to develop sustainable sports cars utilizing responsible technologies. But rather than dilute the explosive performance Ferrari has built its foundation on over nine decades, supplemental zaps of electric torque sharpen dynamic capabilities even further instead.

Delivering a combined 986 hp makes the range-topping SF90 the most powerful prancing pony on the stable, easily eclipsing the veteran LaFerrari’s 950 hp totals. Even more telling is that the newer plug-in model betters its pioneering predecessor by churning out a meatier 664 lb-ft of twist versus 663. Thanks to the smooth and instantaneous surge from its twin electric motors filling in the powerband gaps from its high-revving engine’s peaky delivery, the latest hybrid harnessing its e-boost with unrivaled harmony between man and machine.

With emissions-free electric range and gas-sipping economy measured at 16 mpg suddenly Ferrari virtues as well, the SF90 Stradale proves that having one’s cake and eating it too will define the company’s models moving ahead. Near-silent running in all-electric mode shows Maranello’s machines no longer need to sacrifice daily drivability when owners desire more discretion too.

Yet flickering headlights from challengers soon shrinking in the rearview mirror solidifies that performance pedigree was never sacrificed either. This duality encapsulates Ferrari’s embrace of having its newest halo model serve as a technology testbed for trickling down know-how across its lineup in due course.

So while on paper the SF90 Stradale reads like a spaceship relative to older steeds, it promises a gateway into an electrified future that faithfully upholds the Prancing Horse insignia as the premiere pedigreed purveyor of relentless power, poise and passion.

How many Ferrari SF90 Stradale will be made?

799 SF90 XX Stradales

Building on the ordinary SF90 Stradale, Ferrari will build 799 SF90 XX Stradales along with 599 in Spider-form, priced from €770k (c£660k) and €850k (c£730k) respectively. Unsurprisingly, each and every example has already been accounted for.

Is Ferrari SF90 Stradale road legal?

Yes, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a fully road-legal production car. Unlike some limited-production track-only Ferrari models carrying XX designations (ex. FXX, 599XX, FXX-K) that are not street homologated, the SF90 Stradale is intended and engineered for legal road use.

As evidence of its street legality:

  • It is sold by authorized Ferrari dealerships rather than exclusively on track, confirming compliance with safety, emissions and other road certification requirements globally.
  • Ferrari openly promotes performance claims like the SF90’s 2.5 seconds 0-62 mph time and 211 mph top speed that rely on road registration to experience legally.
  • The interior is equipped with mandatory road car features including functioning air con, lighting, mirrors, tires legally rated for public roads, etc.
  • Owners have been spotted freely driving the SF90 Stradale on public roads, behaving like normal traffic.

So while the SF90 Stradale possesses extreme performance akin to a track car, Ferrari designed it from the outset for full road compliance to match its positioning as the flagship production model showcasing the company’s latest technological advances. Rest assured any owner who wishes to do so can utilize their SF90 to exploit its full potential at stoplights and highway pulls, not solely confined to closed circuits.

How much is Ferrari SF90 Stradale in the UAE?

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale officially starts at 4,500,000 AED in the United Arab Emirates. This base MSRP equates to roughly $1,225,000 USD.

As the range-topping V8 hybrid supercar in Ferrari’s current production model lineup, the SF90 Stradale commands a premium price tag reflective of its positioning and bleeding-edge performance technology.

With 770 hp generated from its twin-turbo V8 engine alone, the addition of three electric motors supplementing an extra 216 hp enables a staggering total output of 986 hp for the SF90 Stradale. This makes it the most powerful road-going Ferrari ever built to date.

Considering its exotic materials like carbon fiber construction and bespoke interior detailing, the SF90 Stradale’s ticket beyond the $1 million mark puts it in very rarefied air even amongst fellow prancing horses.

While certainly not cheap, well-heeled UAE collectors who prioritize owning Maranello’s latest and greatest halo model can rest easy knowing the SF90 Stradale’s entry price secures a scintillating centerpiece for their stable that unequivocally announces they are forever living in the Ferrari fast lane.

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What is the price of SF90 Stradale in India?

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is officially priced at Rs. 8.09 crore (ex-showroom) in India.

At current exchange rates, this equates to approximately €1 million EUR or $1.05 million USD before taxes and other local fees.

As Ferrari’s current top-of-the-range production supercar, the SF90 Stradale commands a suitably elite pricing tier for the Indian market. With 986 hp generated from its plug-in hybrid powertrain, it is also the most powerful Ferrari road car ever offered to customers.

The staggering Rs. 8 crore plus price tag makes the SF90 Stradale the pinnacle of exotic supercar ownership aspirations amongst well-heeled Indian collectors and enthusiasts. It joins the ranks of fellow seven-figure European hypercars from the likes of Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren and others catering to the ultra wealthy with their product offerings in India.

While certainly a rarefied segment limited to only the top fraction of the population, the SF90 Stradale nonetheless stands out even compared to its nearest million-dollar rivals when judged by the comprehensive performance benchmarks Ferrari is renowned for. Those who desire the latest Maranello masterpiece as the crown jewel of their personal garages will need deep pockets to afford the keys.

Is Lamborghini faster than Ferrari?

Comparing top speeds of the fastest Lamborghini and Ferrari production models currently available:

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ:

  • Top Speed: 217 mph

Ferrari 812 Superfast:

  • Top Speed: 211 mph

Based on stated top speed alone, the fastest V12-powered Lamborghini Aventador SVJ model is slightly faster than Ferrari’s fastest current V12 model, the 812 Superfast, by about 6 mph.

However, performance comparisons between the two Italian exotic brands involve more nuance than just outright top speed figures. Important additional factors include:

  • Acceleration Times – Ferrari models often best equivalent Lamborghinis in 0-60 mph and quarter-mile sprint metrics.
  • Lap Times – Around a track with curves, Ferraris tend to achieve faster lap times than Lamborghinis due to better balance and grip in high-speed corners.
  • Engine Response – Ferrari’s high-revving naturally aspirated V8s and V12s reward with a more emotive power delivery than Lamborghini’s lower-revving forced induction engines.

While Lamborghini does currently hold the production car top speed record between the two makes, Ferrari still claims an edge in most other critical performance metrics as well as driving experience and engagement. So determining which Italian exotic is “faster” depends greatly on priorities beyond just straight line speed capabilities on paper.

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