BMW M5 Review 2023

Stare long and hard at this frosty blue BMW M5 and you will be able to tell that it’s the facelift. 

You'll pick out the 'square' LED rings, twin-spoke theme to the kidney grille (a design feature of 'M' cars), the massive 'M' wheels and the tweaked tail-lamps. 

Admittedly, it isn't much of a facelift even by mild facelift standards, but most of the changes to this car are under the skin. 

In Germany, you can now opt for the Competition Pack that raises power by 14.7bhp to 567bhp with spring and damping rates firmer by 20 percent. 

The stabiliser bars are 15 percent stiffer and the steering rack is 10 percent quicker and you can opt for serving dish-sized carbon-ceramic brakes.

BMW claims a 4.2sec 0-100kph time which is impressive considering this is a rear-wheel drive car and as such, is limited by available traction. 

The 69.3kgm of torque kicks in at 1500rpm, stays that way till 5750rpm at which point 567bhp takes over and blows you to kingdom come. 

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