BMW M6 Review 2023

Come April 2014, the Audi RS7 will have competition in the form of the brooding BMW M6 Gran Coupe (in India). 

Based on the BMW M5, the Gran Coupé comes with a standard carbonfibre roof and a roofline that's 2.5-inches closer to the deck than its full-size super sedan sister. 

It is also wider and longer and five kilos heavier than the M5's 1,945kg and that brings us to the end of the specification lecture. 

With such a low roofline, you could knock your head on the way into the low seats (in this case, you'd be hitting an alcantara lined ceiling). 

While the availability of last year's limited-production 627-hp BMW M5 CS has dried up, the 2023 M5 receives subtle equipment changes. 

Nonetheless, like the M5, this engine is perfectly happy at low revs and because peak torque is available from 1500rpm, you don't need to wring it out for it to feel exciting. 

However, if you do find a dry, straight, smooth road and give it some right foot, you should hang on. 

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