BMW M5 Review 2023

Some cars are big-bodied and some are thrilling. The BMW M5 is both, with a body based on the regular 5-series and a heart-and-lung transplant courtesy of the brand's M performance division. 

Under the hood lives a spectacular 600-hp twin-turbo V-8 bolted to an eight-speed automatic transmission that powers all four wheels. 

An optional Competition package turns up the heat with 17 extra horsepower, a more soulful exhaust, stiffer suspension, and Competition badging and trim. 

Built to handle the rigors of mountain hairpins, blasts on the autobahn, and everyday life the M5 offers a premium experience with a penchant for fireworks. 

While the availability of last year's limited-production 627-hp BMW M5 CS has dried up, the 2023 M5 receives subtle equipment changes. 

Rather than offering the M5 Competition as a separate model, BMW now offers it as an upgrade through an optional equipment package. 

San Remo Green metallic and Skyscraper Grey metallic have been added as exterior paint options. 

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