BMW M4 Review 2023

The BMW M4 coupe is a fire-breathing dragon capable of high-flying acrobatics. 

It's the two-door analog of the M3 super sedan, similarly pumped up by the automaker's M performance division for driving thrills. 

It borrows the M3's ferocious 473-hp twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine, and we applaud BMW for making a six-speed manual gearbox and rear-drive standard. 

The ultra-intense Competition trim bumps power to 503 horsepower and requires an eight-speed automatic; all-wheel drive is optional. 

The M4's firm-riding suspension and sharp steering turn twisty roads into memorable encounters, but there's also plenty of luxury on board in addition to a reasonably roomy cabin. 

For the 2024 model year, BMW has endowed the M4 with the same 12.3-inch and 14.9-inch displays seen in other BMW models. 

The sports coupe also gets the latest iDrive 8 software, which has updated graphics and menu structures and an upgraded BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant voice-command function. 

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