2023 BMW M2 Review

Stepping into the car for the first time comes as something of a surprise. 

The driving position is low-slung and sporty, the pedals are offset to the right, and adjusting the seat with three pedals needs a bit of back and forth. 

Start-up brings a familiar nasal blare from the large quad exhaust stubs, and as I flex my right foot, there’s a deep rumble with a few muted pops on overrun. 

Not the best exhaust note and clearly not as good as the one on AMGs, but it does amp up the experience all the same. 

The gear selector is now a stubby toggle switch, while the rest of the buttons on the gear console are unchanged.

They feel like one-piece units, deliver excellent lateral, shoulder and leg support, and the bolsters can be adjusted via electrically actuated air cushions. 

Also, have to say, the M colours or the splashes of red, blue and light blue look attractive on the seats and on the door pads, where they illuminate.

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