BMW 5 Series Review 2023

It’s been four years since the G30 BMW 5 Series was launched in India, and now, hot on the heels of its bigger sibling, the 6 Series GT, it’s been given a facelift. 

However, since 2017, the segment has evolved too, with the Mercedes E-Class having gotten its own facelift and moved further upmarket and the launch of the new Audi A6. 

Moreover, BMW’s own sedan range has expanded to include the 3 Series Gran Limousine and 6 Series GT, which flank the 5 on either side. 

So have all these introductions squeezed the Bavarian midsize luxury sedan into insignificance? Not in the slightest.

The exterior changes are as you expect – primarily a new grille, bumpers and lights – but they all work really well to sharpen up the already well-proportioned 5 Series. 

The grille is taller, wider and more rectangular, but not quite as large or polarising as you’ll find on a 7 Series, and it sits lower in the nose too. 

Moreover, it has more ‘tipped forward’ protruding slats that signal a sportier intent. The headlamps are squared off too, with adaptive LED lighting as standard and LaserLight high beams on M Sport variants. 

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