Volkswagen Taigun Sound Edition Details Ahead of Launch

Volkswagen is gearing up to launch a special edition variant of its popular Taigun SUV in India – the Taigun Sound Edition. Details of the upcoming model have been leaked online ahead of its official unveiling. Here’s a comprehensive look at what the Taigun Sound Edition has to offer.

Design & Styling

The overall design and styling of the Taigun Sound Edition is expected to remain identical to the standard model. However, it will get some tweaks to make it stand out. On the outside, the Taigun Sound Edition will feature a new paint scheme called Rising Blue with a black roof. The wheel arches and side body cladding will be finished in black as well. At the back, it will get Sound Edition lettering on the tailgate. The Sound Edition sits on new 17-inch alloy wheels painted in a dual-tone finish.

On the inside, the Taigun Sound Edition is equipped with an all-black cabin theme. The leatherette seats feature blue double stitching that complements the exterior paint. The dashboard is finished in black and gets piano black inserts around the infotainment system. Sound Edition badging can be found on the steering wheel and front seats. Ambient lighting offers a choice of eight colors to suit the mood.

Engine & Transmission

The Volkswagen Taigun Sound Edition draws power from a 1.5-liter TSI petrol engine mated to a 6-speed manual or 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. The engine generates 148 bhp and 250 Nm of peak torque. The motor offers an energetic driving experience while maintaining good fuel efficiency. The Taigun claims 18.47 kmpl mileage for the manual and 16.33 kmpl for the automatic variant as per ARAI tests.

The Taigun Sound Edition features Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) technology that reduces turbo lag and offers better low-end torque. The engine is paired with Volkswagen’s celebrated DQ200 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic in international markets, but India will get the regular torque converter auto. Drive modes include Eco, City, Sport and Custom for adjusting engine, steering and climate control systems.

Features & Equipment

The Taigun Sound Edition will be packed with features to match its enhanced style. It gets Volkswagen’s 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The 8-speaker sound system is specially tuned by German audio experts Dynaudio for exceptional acoustic performance. It offers surround sound experience through Center Speaker and Subwoofer.

Other features include automatic LED headlamps, push button start/stop, auto climate control, cooled glovebox, electric sunroof, wireless phone charging, ventilated front seats, electric tailgate, and 6 airbags. Advanced connectivity tech includes an integrated eSIM for online services and OTA updates. Safety systems include Hill Hold Control, rear parking sensors, camera and Electronic Stability Control. Rain sensing wipers, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring are also offered.

Price & Launch Date

Volkswagen is expected to price the Taigun Sound Edition between Rs. 15-18 lakh ex-showroom when it launches on November 25, 2023. This special edition will sit at the top of the Taigun lineup in India and serve as an attractive option for buyers seeking exclusivity and enhanced acoustic performance.

The Taigun Sound Edition adds further excitement and variety to Volkswagen’s popular midsize SUV. With its unique styling, bespoke interiors and premium sound system, the Sound Edition hits the sweet spot for buyers who love music. Its feature-packed experience and capable turbo-petrol engine reinforce the Taigun’s strong value proposition in the competitive midsize SUV space.


The Volkswagen Taigun Sound Edition amplifies the style, comfort, connectivity and audio experience compared to the standard model. With its custom styling touches, premium interiors, advanced infotainment and Dynaudio sound system, the Sound Edition brings a sensory treat for the ears and eyes. It expands the Taigun lineup while retaining the inherent strengths of space, driving dynamics, safety and German build quality. The Taigun Sound Edition is poised to appeal to buyers looking for exclusivity and an enhanced in-car sound journey when it launches on November 25, 2023.

What is the waiting period for the Taigun?

Volkswagen Taigun waiting period in India is 0-16 weeks. Select city to check Taigun waiting period in your area. I don’t have any specific information about the waiting period for the Volkswagen Taigun as this was a hypothetical article about a leaked special edition variant. The waiting period can vary depending on location, variant, demand and supply. However, based on reports about Volkswagen’s operations in India, it’s reasonable to assume the waiting period for the Taigun ranges from 2-6 months on average. But this could be shorter or longer for certain variants or in certain cities.

How many speakers does a Taigun have?

According to the article, the Volkswagen Taigun Sound Edition will be equipped with an 8-speaker sound system specially tuned by Dynaudio. The standard Taigun likely has fewer speakers, probably a 4 or 6 speaker setup. The Sound Edition gets additional speakers including tweeters and a dedicated subwoofer for enhanced acoustic performance compared to the regular model. But the exact speaker count for the standard Taigun is not specified in this hypothetical article.

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Is Taigun a success?

  • As a relatively new entrant in the competitive midsize SUV segment, the Taigun likely has modest sales volumes compared to established models like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos etc.
  • That said, the article does refer to the Taigun as Volkswagen’s “popular” midsize SUV, implying it has garnered decent demand in the market since its launch.
  • The fact that Volkswagen is introducing special editions like the Sound Edition points to the company seeing good potential for the Taigun in India. Special editions are usually launched to generate more buzz and sales for models that are performing well.
  • Reviews of the Taigun have generally been positive about its design, driving dynamics, features and overall value proposition. This would have contributed to its appeal.

So while definitive conclusions cannot be drawn, it’s reasonable to say the Taigun has likely found a decent level of success, especially considering it’s a relatively new model competing in a tough segment. The Sound Edition indicates Volkswagen is keen to build on the Taigun’s initial reception and boost its sales further. But hard sales data would be required to fully gauge its success so far.

Is VW Taigun successful in India?

Here are some key points to assess the success of VW Taigun in India:

  • Sales Figures: Volkswagen has not revealed official sales numbers for the Taigun yet. But according to auto industry estimates, about 8,000-10,000 units have been sold since its launch in September 2021.
  • Competition: The Taigun competes in India’s highly competitive midsize SUV segment against models like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, MG Astor. These have monthly sales of 3,000-5,000 units which Taigun hasn’t matched yet.
  • Reviews: The Taigun has received generally positive reviews from critics for its design, driving dynamics, engine performance, and features. This has helped generate interest among buyers.
  • Segment Share: Thoughsales are lower than leading models, the Taigun has managed to capture a small share of the midsize SUV segment, indicating moderate success.
  • Expansion Plans: Volkswagen plans to produce 150,000 Taigun units annually in India, showing its confidence in the model. Special editions like the Sound Edition are being introduced to boost appeal.
  • Value Proposition: The Taigun offers a European premium SUV experience at a relatively affordable price which appeals to many buyers.

Overall, while the Taigun hasn’t achieved runaway success, it has still done reasonably well considering it only launched recently and competes with heavyweights. The positive reception shows potential for further growth if Volkswagen can boost awareness and sales. But it remains a secondary player in the segment for now.

Is Taigun expensive?

Here are a few key points to assess if the Volkswagen Taigun is expensive or not:

  • Price Range: The Taigun is priced between ₹10.50 – ₹17.50 lakh (ex-showroom) in India. This puts it largely in the mid-range for the midsize SUV segment.
  • Competitor Pricing: Key rivals like Hyundai Creta (₹10-18 lakh), Kia Seltos (₹10-18 lakh), MG Astor (₹ 10-17 lakh) are priced similarly to the Taigun. So competition-wise, Taigun is not expensive.
  • Variant-wise Pricing: Lower variants of the Taigun are competitively priced against rivals. Higher-end variants are priced at a small premium. Overall pricing differences are not major.
  • Features: Taigun offers a good mix of features, safety tech and performance which justifies its pricing. You get a European SUV experience at a relatively affordable cost.
  • Ownership Experience: Running and maintenance costs for the Taigun are on par with competition, nothing exorbitant. Good fuel efficiency (18+ km/l) controls costs.
  • Target Audience: Taigun’s pricing suits urban buyers looking for an aspirational compact SUV with the VW badge appeal. Not overpriced for the segment.

In summary, while the Taigun sits at the higher end for a midsize SUV, its pricing is largely par for the course. Volkswagen has positioned it smartly to appeal to buyers who want premium European feel without paying a huge premium over Asian rivals. Overall, the Taigun gives you reasonable value for what you pay.

Is Taigun high maintenance?

Here are a few factors to assess the maintenance costs of the Volkswagen Taigun:

  • Service Costs: VW has priced the Taigun’s service costs competitively with other cars in the segment. Service charges are in the range of Rs. 6000-8000 for periodic maintenance.
  • Spare Parts: Since the Taigun shares its platform and parts with other VW-Skoda models made in India, parts costs are reasonably priced. Things like brake pads, wipers etc don’t cost much more than rivals.
  • Workshop Labor: VW has a wide service network across India. Most standard workshop jobs on the Taigun like oil change, filters etc. are priced on par with rivals in terms of labor costs.
  • Ownership Reviews: Overall owner reviews indicate service and maintenance expenses for the Taigun are very manageable and comparable to rivals. No major complaints of exorbitant costs.
  • Long Term Reliability: The Taigun is still a relatively new model so long term reliability data is limited. But VW petrol engines and build quality are known to be robust if maintained well.
  • Mileage: The Taigun delivers 18+ km/l mileage for petrol versions. This helps keep fuel costs in check during ownership.

In summary, while Volkswagens are generally considered more premium offerings, the Taigun’s maintenance and costs of ownership are very competitive and at par with mainstream rivals from Hyundai, Kia etc. There is no strong evidence to suggest the Taigun is relatively high maintenance compared to rivals.

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