New Hyundai Tucson Facelift Breaks Cover Globally

Hyundai has taken the wraps off the facelifted version of its popular Tucson compact SUV. The updated model gets significant styling updates on the outside along with added tech and comfort features on the inside to make it a more compelling package in the fiercely competitive compact SUV segment.

Exterior Styling Updates

The most noticeable change on the new Tucson facelift is the redesigned front fascia which now sports a larger and more prominent front grille with integrated daytime running LEDs. The grille itself is now wider and sleeker and features a new parametric jewel pattern that amplifies the SUV’s width and stance.

The headlamps are also all-new with a distinctive Z-shaped LED DRL signature that makes the Tucson stand out. The bumpers have been redesigned as well with a more rugged and muscular shape incorporating larger air dams and silver skid plates to highlight the SUV’s versatility credentials.

At the rear, the 2023 Tucson gets newly styled LED tail lights that mimic the headlamp design and span the entire width of the tailgate. The rear bumper has also been restyled and the lower section now houses dual chrome tipped exhausts adding to the SUV’s sporty appeal.

New color options have also been added like the Amazon Grey Matte color seen on the reveal images. Overall, the new Tucson manages to build upon the radical styling direction adopted on the 4th gen model with subtler yet effective updates.

Interiors Upgraded for Greater Comfort

The cabins too have come in for some major upgrades focused on improving comfort, usability and adding premium touches. The new Tucson gets a redesigned center console stacked with neatly integrated controls for various functions. There is also a new 10.25 inch touchscreen for the latest BlueLink connected car services along with navigation and media playback functionalities.

The digital instrument cluster too has been enlarged to 10.25 inches while retaining its unconventional twin-cowl design. Ambient lighting options have been expanded to 64 colors with brightness adjustment as well. Ventilated front seats have now been added along with dual panel panoramic sunroof and powered driver seat with position memory function. Passenger comfort has also been enhanced thanks to increased rear seat reclining angle.

ADAS Tech and Powertrains

The updated Hyundai Tucson is equipped with the entire gamut of Hyundai Smart Sense driver assistance and active safety features. This includes Forward Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot View Monitor, Surround View Monitor as well as Smart Cruise Control with stop and go functionality.Lane Keeping Assist and Driver Attention Warning add further layers of active safety.

Globally, the Tucson facelift is being offered with a choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid as well as internal combustion engine powertrains. Details for specific markets will be announced later but expect multiple powertrain options to suit regional preferences and emission norms. Markets like India will likely get 1.5 liter petrol and diesel motors to start with.


With the 2023 Tucson facelift, Hyundai has built upon the radically futuristic design and premium positioning achieved by the 4th generation model launched in 2020. Not standing still and improving the package with more distinctive styling, upgraded interiors and new technology gives the Tucson an edge over key rivals like the Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail.

When it arrives in major automotive markets like India next year, expect the new Hyundai Tucson facelift to continue its strong momentum aided by the exterior and interior enhancements. Prices are likely to see a mild increase over the outgoing model but the expanded features list should make it compelling enough to bring in incremental volumes for Hyundai.

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Is the Tucson getting a facelift?

Based on the article, yes the Hyundai Tucson is getting a facelift. Some of the key details about the facelifted Tucson mentioned in the article are:

  • It has a redesigned front fascia with a larger grille, integrated DRLs, and reshaped bumpers.
  • The headlamps and tail lights have been redesigned with new LED lighting signatures.
  • The interior has been upgraded with a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen, digital instrument cluster, more ambient lighting colors, ventilated front seats, and a dual panel panoramic sunroof.
  • It will be offered with updated powertrain options including hybrid, plug-in hybrid and internal combustion engine variants.

So in summary, the 2023 Hyundai Tucson is getting noticeable exterior and interior styling updates along with added features and technology. Hyundai is facelifting the current 4th generation Tucson model to keep it competitive in the global compact SUV market.

Why is Tucson not popular in India?

Unfortunately the article does not provide any specific information about the Hyundai Tucson’s popularity or sales performance in the Indian market. However, some possible reasons why the Tucson may not be as popular in India compared to other markets are:

  1. Higher pricing – As an imported model, the Tucson is priced at a significant premium over India-made compact SUVs like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, etc. This puts it out of reach for most buyers.
  2. Limited awareness – SUVs like Creta and Seltos have been specially designed for the Indian market and are promoted much more aggressively by the brands here. Tucson does not enjoy that level of marketing and brand awareness amongst buyers.
  3. Competition – Models like Creta, Seltos, Harrier cater well to Indian buyer needs and offer more features at lower prices than the Tucson. This could make buyers prefer the cheaper India-centric models.
  4. Lower localization – Tucson has lower levels of localization for the Indian market making costs higher. More localized models can be priced lower.
  5. Lack of diesel option – Diesel remains a popular fuel choice in India especially for SUV buyers. The absence of diesel variants reduces appeal.

I hope this gives you some perspective on why Tucson’s popularity has been somewhat limited in India compared to other Hyundai/Kia SUVs and its key rivals in the market. Let me know if you need any other details!

Is Hyundai Tucson a success in India?

The article talks about the unveiling of the facelifted Tucson globally, and some of the new features and powertrain options it offers. However, there is no India-specific information provided.

My understanding based on previous interactions is that the Tucson has had relatively limited popularity in India compared to Hyundai’s other SUV models like the Creta. This is likely due to reasons like:

  1. Higher pricing as an imported model
  2. Tough competition from India-centric models like Creta, Seltos etc
  3. Limited localization and lack of diesel variants
  4. Lower brand awareness and marketing push

So while the Tucson is certainly a very capable global product for Hyundai, it does not seem to have achieved major sales success in the highly competitive and value-conscious Indian SUV market so far. The updated 2023 facelift model may improve its prospects somewhat, but Hyundai’s India product portfolio strategy seems more focused on high volume models tailored for Indian buyers.

In summary – no, based on available information, there is little evidence to suggest the Hyundai Tucson has been a major sales success in India. Hope this helps provide some perspective! Let me know if you need any other details.

What is the difference between Hyundai Tucson 2023 and 2024?

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available information yet on the 2024 model year Hyundai Tucson. The unveiling covered in the article is for the 2023 Tucson facelift model.

Typically, automakers introduce facelifted versions of existing models after a few years into the model lifecycle. The next generation all-new model then follows after 5-7 years.

Going by that timeline:

2023 Tucson – Facelift of current 4th generation Tucson launched in 2020. Gets styling, features and tech updates.

2024 Tucson – Unlikely to see an all new 5th generation model so soon. 2024 will continue with facelifted 4th gen model.

Difference between 2023 and 2024 model:

  • No major changes expected.
  • 2024 may get minor feature addition or adjustment
  • Unlikely to see major design, interior or powertrain changes. Will continue with updates introduced in 2023 facelift.

So in summary – the unveiling covered here is specifically for the 2023 facelift Tucson. No details available yet on the 2024 Tucson. It will likely carry forward the 2023 updates with very minor year-on-year changes only. Let me know if any other details needed on the new Tucson!

Is Tucson good for long drives?

  1. Comfortable seating: The Tucson’s seats have been often reviewed as spacious and comfortable, especially in the front. The 2023 facelift model also gets ventilated seats and more rear seat recline angle adding to comfort.
  2. Ride quality – Its suspension tuning offers a compliant ride quality meant to handle bad roads well. Decent ground clearance of around 185mm also helps tackle undulated terrain during highway cruising.
  3. Equipment – Long highway drives require a comfortable, non-fatiguing cabin. Equipment like the 10.25 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, 64-color ambient lighting, multiple USB charging ports make it well equipped.
  4. Safety – Safety aids like blind spot assist, lane keep assist, forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control add confidence during long journeys.
  5. Multiple powertrain options: Engine options range from fuel efficient 1.6L diesel to the powerful 2L gasoline – buyers can choose as per requirements.

So while it lacks size and outright space of larger SUVs, the Tucson’s combination of comfortable ergonomics, equipment, safety tech and flexibility of powertrain choice makes it a reasonably capable vehicle for long distance drives. Do test drive it on long routes to better evaluate yourself.

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