From Economics to Culture: Modi’s G20 Revolution

In recent years, the G20 summit has transcended its economic and political significance to become a cultural movement that involves and engages people from all walks of life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in shaping the G20 summit into a broader movement is noteworthy. This article delves into how Modi has transformed the G20 summit into a cultural phenomenon that resonates with the Indian population.

Modi’s Vision for the G20: A Cultural Movement

The G20’s Evolution Beyond Economics

In its inception, the G20 was primarily focused on economic and financial matters, serving as a platform for the world’s major economies to discuss and coordinate global economic policies. However, under Modi’s leadership, the summit has expanded its scope to encompass cultural and societal dimensions.

Infusing Indian Culture and Heritage

Modi’s approach has been to infuse elements of Indian culture and heritage into the G20 summit, making it a celebration of diversity and unity. This has resonated deeply with Indians, as it not only showcases the nation’s rich cultural tapestry but also creates a sense of pride and inclusivity.

Modi’s Cultural Diplomacy on the Global Stage

Showcasing India’s Soft Power

Modi’s efforts to position India as a global leader extend beyond economic and political matters. By incorporating cultural showcases and events into the G20 summit, he has effectively utilized India’s soft power to foster stronger international relationships.

The Role of Technology

Modi’s innovative use of technology has played a crucial role in bringing Indian culture to the global stage. Through virtual exhibitions, performances, and interactive sessions, he has connected people across the world with the essence of India’s traditions.

G20 as a Cultural Movement: Engaging All Indians

Fostering a Sense of Participation

Modi’s approach has been to involve all Indians in the G20 movement. Whether through citizen consultations, cultural festivals, or grassroots initiatives, he has ensured that the benefits and ideals of the summit reach every corner of the country.

Connecting with the Youth

Recognizing the power of the youth in driving change, Modi has tailored G20 initiatives to engage young Indians. By leveraging social media, online platforms, and youth-centric events, he has made the movement relatable and exciting for the younger generation.

The Organiser’s Perspective: A Cultural Movement

Modi’s Vision through the Lens of The Organiser

A recent piece in The Organiser highlights Modi’s role in transforming the G20 summit into a cultural movement. It emphasizes his dedication to infusing the summit with India’s ethos and creating a sense of ownership among all Indians.


Narendra Modi’s influence has undeniably shaped the G20 summit into a cultural movement that transcends its economic and political origins. By infusing Indian culture, engaging citizens, and leveraging technology, he has created a platform that resonates with all Indians, fostering a sense of unity, pride, and participation.

FAQs About Modi’s Impact on the G20 Cultural Movement

Q. What is the G20 summit’s primary purpose?
The G20 summit originally focused on economic and financial discussions among major economies.

Q. How has Modi transformed the G20 summit?
Modi expanded the summit’s scope to include cultural elements, making it a cultural movement involving all Indians.

Q. What is India’s soft power?
. India’s soft power refers to its ability to influence and engage others through culture, education, and values.

Q. How has Modi engaged young Indians in the G20 movement?
Modi has used social media, online platforms, and youth-oriented events to connect with and involve young Indians.

Q. What is the significance of The Organiser’s perspective on Modi’s role?
The Organiser’s piece emphasizes Modi’s dedication to infusing Indian culture into the G20 summit, creating a cultural movement for all Indians to embrace.

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