Kia Reveals New 2.2-Litre Diesel Engine for India Carnival

Kia Motors has unveiled the new 2.2-litre ‘Smartstream’ diesel engine that will power the upcoming second-generation Carnival MPV in India. The new engine delivers 200hp of maximum power and 440Nm of peak torque. The engine features an aluminum block and cylinder head, ladder frame structure, and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation system to optimize combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.

The Smartstream D2.2 diesel engine is the cleanest diesel engine Kia has produced yet. It meets the latest Bharat Stage VI emission norms in India. A high-performance DPF captures over 90% of particulate matter emissions from exhaust gases. The engine also has an advanced selective catalytic reduction system that reduces NOx emissions by up to 80%.

A new eight-speed automatic transmission will be paired to this engine for the first time in a Kia vehicle in India. The transmission allows a combination of smooth gear changes and improved fuel efficiency. The gearbox features multiple torque converters that switch types according to driving style. It also has a transmission-mounted electrical oil pump to enable a coasting function.

The new Carnival will be offered in multiple seating configurations like the outgoing model. This includes options for 7, 8 or 9 seats depending on the variant. Luxury and comfort features like 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, smart air purifier with AQI display, and roof-mounted surround view monitor are some highlights.

Safety has been a key focus area in the new model. Kia’s ADAS tech for driver assistance and active safety makes its debut in the Carnival. This includes Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Attention Warning, Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist and more. Six airbags, ABS with EBD, ESC, hill-start assist are also part of standard safety.

Visually, the new Carnival follows Kia’s latest design language based on the ‘Opposites United’ philosophy. The tiger nose grille is now wider and integrates seamlessly with the LED headlamps. The futuristic-looking wraparound LED taillamps give it a hi-tech look. New alloy wheels, chrome treatment and a bolder rear bumper also enhance the styling.

The cabin sports a dual-tone beige and black color theme with metallic accents around the dashboard. The center console is dominated by a 10.1-inch touchscreen and the quilted Nappa leather seats can recline fully flat. Cabin space, comfort and luxury have been improved over the outgoing model as well.

Kia is expected to launch the new Carnival in India in the first half of 2023. It will renew its rivalry with the Toyota Innova Crysta and is expected to be priced between Rs 30-40 lakh. The new model with its sophisticated design, feature-rich cabin, capable diesel engine and improved safety tech aims to strengthen Kia’s position in the premium MPV segment.

The new Carnival has already been revealed for international markets like Australia. India will be among the key strategic markets for Kia where the new premium MPV will aim to attract customers with growing families seeking a versatile and comfortable three-row vehicle. Kia will also offer multiple trim levels based on features to expand the model’s appeal.

Overall, the new Kia Carnival aims to set a new benchmark in the premium MPV segment with its bold styling, plush and flexible cabin, responsive powertrain and abundance of convenience, comfort, safety and connectivity technologies. The model has been a success for Kia in India and the second generation hopes to build further on this with even more enhancements across all areas. When launched next year, the new Carnival will be an important product for Kia which relies on models like this for its premium brand positioning and image.

What is the mileage of Kia Carnival 2.2 diesel?

The mileage figures for the new Kia Carnival 2.2-litre diesel engine have not been revealed yet by the company. However, based on the mileage of the outgoing Carnival and the expected improvements from this new engine, we can speculate on the possible mileage:

  • The current Kia Carnival with the 2.2-litre diesel engine delivers a mileage of 13-14 kmpl (ARAI certified).
  • The new 2.2-litre Smartstream diesel engine features improved combustion efficiency, reduced emissions and friction losses. These enhancements could lead to around 15% higher fuel efficiency.
  • So the new Carnival with the upgraded 2.2 diesel could return a mileage of approximately 15-16 kmpl under standard testing conditions.
  • Real-world mileage may vary depending on driving style and conditions. But the figure is expected to be in the 11-14 kmpl range for most users.
  • The new 8-speed automatic gearbox will also contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency, especially at highway speeds.
  • Weight reduction methods like aluminum alloy usage may also help marginally improve the mileage over the outgoing model.
  • Overall, while the official fuel efficiency figures are yet to be disclosed, we can expect the new Kia Carnival 2.2 diesel to deliver a mileage in the 15-16 kmpl ballpark in standardized tests. This will make it among the most fuel efficient in its segment.

So in summary, based on the technology upgrades and Kia’s focus on efficiency, the new Carnival 2.2 diesel is expected to offer a noticeable improvement in real-world mileage over the outgoing version. But we’ll have to wait for Kia to reveal the ARAI certified figures to get a definitive idea.

Is Kia Carnival Turbo diesel?

No, the Kia Carnival diesel variants for India are not expected to feature a turbocharged diesel engine. Here are some key details:

  • The new 2.2-litre ‘Smartstream’ diesel engine that will power the upcoming Carnival in India is a naturally aspirated unit.
  • It generates peak power of 200hp and max torque of 440Nm without the use of a turbocharger.
  • Kia has not provided any official confirmation regarding a turbo-diesel option for the India-spec Carnival yet.
  • Globally, the Carnival is available with a different 3.5-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine making 270hp power. But this motor is not planned for the India model.
  • The 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine offered in Kia Seltos and Sonet SUVs is a smaller and less powerful unit unsuitable for a large MPV like Carnival.
  • Diesel turbocharging tech helps extract higher performance but also increases costs. The Carnival is already premium-positioned in its segment.
  • The naturally aspirated 2.2 diesel promises to strike a balance between performance and efficiency for Indian market needs.

So in summary, Kia will rely on the new high-tech non-turbo Smartstream diesel engine to power the upcoming Carnival in India. The focus is more on refinement, drivability and fuel economy rather than outright performance. Thus, a turbo-diesel variant is unlikely to be introduced in the foreseeable future.

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Launch date of Kia Carnival in India

Kia Motors has not officially announced a launch timeline for the new second-generation Carnival MPV in India yet. However, based on the unveiling of the India-spec model and specifications, we can expect a launch around mid-2023.

Here are some key pointers about the expected launch timeline:

  • The new Carnival with the 2.2-litre diesel engine was unveiled globally in September 2022.
  • Kia confirmed that this specific variant has been designed and calibrated specially for the Indian market.
  • With the engine and specs revealed, the India launch should follow within 6-12 months, as per industry norms.
  • Kia management has hinted at a market launch in the second half of 2023 in India.
  • The new Carnival is expected to arrive sometime around the festive season in August-October 2023 period.
  • An estimated price announcement by Kia could happen in mid-2023, followed closely by start of bookings.
  • Dealer sources indicate that Kia is targeting the Onam-Diwali 2023 period for launch in India.
  • The outgoing Carnival was launched in early-2020 and a typical product lifecycle is 3-4 years.

Overall, based on Kia’s strategic product roadmap for India and the typical vehicle launch timelines, the new Carnival is most likely to go on sale between August to October 2023, just before the major festive season kicks off. However, Kia could still surprise and launch it earlier subject to readiness. The premium MPV will renew its rivalry with the Toyota Innova Crysta when it goes on sale.

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