Volkswagen Virtus 1.5 TSI GT long term Review

For me, the Volkswagen Virtus GT is fast proving to be the total package. It’s more powerful than I’ll ever need a daily driver to be, it handles like a champ and also rides pretty well. 

It looks amazing too (the colour helps), and it’s got a super interior that has – with a 100 percent strike rate – gotten vocal praise from everyone who’s ever sat in it. 

It’s mostly the red ambient lighting on the dashboard that gets them. And I just love that it’s a low-slung sedan; in fact, I’d love if it was a bit lower still. 

Maybe a bit of aftermarket suspension work? It worked wonders on our old Skoda Laura RS long termer back in the day, but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. 

In my opening report, I did mention a few things I wasn’t too happy with – notably the at-times-clunky DSG gearbox and meagre fuel economy. 

And while I can’t do much about the former, I have been exercising extreme restraint while driving to try and improve the latter. 

It takes a lot of controlled breathing, real-time introspection and soothing music to achieve the zen-like state needed to drive efficiently in Mumbai’s rush-hour traffic. 

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