Toyota Mirai First Drive Review 2023

Back in 1997, Toyota set out on a lonely journey to build what was then the world’s first hybrid car. 

Named the Prius, it was a type of car that was expected to provide a bridge between regular combustion cars and those in our electric and hydrogen future. 

While not many carmakers continued down the difficult route, Toyota stayed the course. Today, the fifth-generation Prius is seen by many as one of the most technologically advanced cars around. 

And Toyota’s hybrid tech has helped more than double the fuel economy you can get from the combustion engine. 

Toyota has sold around 16 million hybrid cars to date, more than paying off its investment in hybrid tech. 

This then is the Japanese company taking the next step, investing in fuel cell tech and our hydrogen future. And this here is the second-generation Mirai. 

The first-generation Mirai, of which Toyota has sold an impressive 10,000, was made in 2014, long after Mercdes-Benz had all but shelved its Necar hydrogen fuel cell project. 

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