New Range Rover Sport Review 2023

It starts with the way the new Sport looks. Measuring just under 5m long, 2m wide, and 1.8m to the roof, the Range Rover Sport is a lot of SUVs. 

In fact, it’s not much smaller than the standard-length Range Rover and the two models are actually identical in wheelbase too. 

But, as is evident, there’s much more to the Sport than mere size. The raked A- and D-pillars help identify it as a Sport and the styling just grabs you. 

And that’s without reliance on oversized grilles or shouty elements. Rather, it’s all about minimalist details and subtle cues that work together delightfully. 

The lines are crisp, the surfacing is clean and what can be hidden, is hidden. 

At its very core, the Sport is also closer than ever to the full-fat Range Rover, which is a very good thing. 

Land Rover’s latest MLA-Flex platform forms the base of the Sport too and brings with it all the advancements in refinement, technology.

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