Porsche Cayenne facelift Review

Porsche is known for fastidiously holding on to a vehicle’s design ethos for generations and so it has also with the new Cayenne. 

Look again though, and you will see there’s a lot different at the front. 

The headlights are the first thing you will notice, the squared-off profile being quite unlike the curved profiles of its predecessors. 

This means there’s a new bonnet and Porsche designers have also squared off the outer edges of the large grille.  

Matrix LED lights are now standard where its 11 high beam segments can individually light up to prevent dazzling oncoming traffic. 

When Porsche released information about the production car, it chose to show off the dashboard first and it’s understandable why. 

It’s a big update over the earlier car and the first things you’ll notice are the three screens. 

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