2021 Volkswagen Tiguan First Drive Review

I presume you must be scratching your heads wondering why are we featuring a car that was first launched back in 2017.  

Well, look closely, and you are going to spot the changes that the all-new Tiguan carries compared to its predecessor. 

If you couldn't spot the differences, let me dive into the details and show you all the significant changes Volkswagen has made to their 5-seater SUV. 

Tiguan 3 Look at the Tiguan from the front, and you are bound to notice the not-so-subtle changes it has.

Instead of the boxy design of the front, it now is a bit curvier with these distinctive looking headlights.

these are LED Matrix headlights with IQ light that consist of 24 individual LED lights that help illuminate the road better.  

Furthermore, there have been slight tweaks made to the design of the front bumper, which now includes this single piece chrome garnish and faux skid plate. 

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