Toyota Mirai First Drive Review 2023

The new Mirai is based on a Lexus LS and now is rear-wheel drive. 

It’s also 85mm longer, has a 140mm longer wheelbase, and comes with three hydrogen tanks, two placed in a ‘T’ under the floor and one installed in the boot. 

The fuel cell stack that sits under the bonnet is made in collaboration with BMW and combines compressed air with compressed hydrogen.

The tanks now hold 5.6kg of hydrogen and this gives the second-gen Mirai a range of around 640km range on the WLTP cycle. 

To transmit power, the Mirai uses an electric motor placed just above the rear axle. 

Power comes from the fuel cell stack for the most part, but like a strong hybrid, there’s also a 1.24 kWh lithium-ion battery to help buffer the energy flow. 

The dash is placed high, the driving position is low and sporty and the racy fastback roofline and long flat bonnet also serve to reinforce this feeling. 

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