Toyota Hilux Review 2023

First things first. The Hilux is massive. At 5.3m long, it's longer than a Mercedes S-Class and the size is only accentuated by a cabin that’s perched high off the ground. 

It’s imposing as is but kitted up with fatter tyres, auxiliary lights, winches and the works, the Hilux transforms into a very serious-looking tool. 

India gets the Hilux in double cab form, which is a four-door cabin with two rows of seating ahead of the large cargo bed. 

Access to the cargo bed is via a fold-down tailgate whose operation is smoothened by hydraulic struts on either side. 

The bed is well shaped and with a 470kg load capacity can hold a whole lot of farm produce or adventure gear as the case may be. 

Trouble is, the bed is high set, so you’ll need a helping hand or two to get stuff up or down. The bed floor makes it easy to slide materials and it’s easy to spray wash too. 

The Hilux is a tall vehicle and entry to the high-set cabin requires the use of the footstep and then the hand grip at the pillars to haul yourself up. 

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