Toyota Fortuner Legender First Drive Review

A Fortuner Legender? What’s that? Is it more capable off-road? Is it more hardcore? But that wasn’t the case, at all. 

Instead, the Legender came only in 4x2 and is more expensive than the updated Fortuner's corresponding standard version. 

Again, why? What's the point of bringing out a more expensive version, but that’s less capable than driving off-road is concerned.  

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? After all, that’s where its legend comes from, at least according to me. But, Toyota has a different approach. 

You see, the Legender comes with its own set of little tweaks, to set it apart from the updated Fortuner.  

Upfront, you’ll notice the heavily redesigned front grille, and those funky looking LED headlamps and DRLs. 

The indicators sit low on the bumper, on each side, giving off a more premium feel. 

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