Porsche Macan GTS Review 2023

What I absolutely loved was the placement of the large analog tachometer, which sat directly in my field of vision. 

Flanking the tachometer is an analog speedometer on one side and a handy screen displaying navigation, tire pressure.

The optional 18-way electric front seats offer plenty of adjustments for side bolstering, and lumbar, and extendable thigh support to get comfortable. 

Thankfully, functions for climate control like temperature and fan speed are proper, tactile toggle switches that are a breeze to operate on the move. 

Ashley (photographer), on the other hand, who isn’t very tall at 5 feet 7 inches, had tucked himself in the rear seat. 

Anyone taller will find this area rather cramped, especially when you take its exterior dimensions into account. 

The panoramic sunroof is a Rs 3.43 lakh option, however, it is highly recommended as it plays its part in brightening...

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