Mercedes-Benz S-Class First Drive Review 2023

Measuring 5,289 mm from bow to stern, the all-new S-Class increases its heft for an imposing stance worthy of a flagship status. 

It looks more curvaceous than the outgoing model, keeping true to classic sedan proportions with a stretched hood, sweeping C-pillar, and bold front end. 

With Digital Lights available as an option, the ultra-range headlamps can illuminate 650m of the darkest paths. 

And it’s intelligent, adapting to the pedestrians and on-coming traffic by slewing the beam. 

For the first time, Mercedes is using acoustic foam in key parts of the body, which is fitted early in production and then expands in the oven during cathodic dip painting.  

Even with the diesel engine in our 400 d was almost inaudible, except under hard acceleration. 

Ride comfort at cruising speeds is just as impressive, adding to the impression of refinement. 

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