2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d 4MATIC - First Drive Review

The roofline, although tapering towards the end, is raked enough to satisfy the SUV-lover in you and is a sign of good headroom in the rear. 

The ground clearance measuring 147mm might not seem boastful, but even with four, rather healthy occupants on board 

The 19-inch twin five-spoke wheels do a good job of filling up the wheel-wells and give the GLA a proportionate look. 

The rear of the GLA is where the slightly embarrassing design cues are. The cladding-heavy bumper, a spoiler that is purely aesthetic, and fake twin exhaust tips wrapped in chrome.

However, it all seems to work along with the wrap-around LED tail lamps, and you are left a lot more satisfied than you would have been with the older car. 

Step inside the GLA, and you’d be pleased. I have, for quite some time now, advocated the fact that nobody makes a better interior than Mercedes-Benz.

Of course, this is true for the segment only, but in terms of giving a premium experience, Mercedes is at the top.

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