Mercedes-Benz E-Class First Drive Review 2023

Mercedes’ idea of introducing the E-Class in long-wheelbase guise was undoubtedly a masterstroke. 

It screamed value, and suddenly, you now had a car that was almost the size of an S-Class but at almost half the price. 

However, that was almost five years ago, and with competition stepping up the game, the E-Class was getting rather long in the tooth. 

So, following the age-old proverb - a stitch in time saves nine - Mercedes has updated the E-Class for 2021 and is looking to, once again, reign the segment.

So, what has been updated? Let’s start with the design. The highlight with this update is the trim on offer.  

The dimensions haven't changed, so the massive three-meter plus wheelbase remains.

And at the rear is where the update is most prominent, thanks to the bigger LED taillamps.  

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