Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet Review 2023

First up the looks. There’s little doubt that the E 53’s design works extremely well. 

It isn’t flashy or loud, but on the flip side, it has plenty of interesting details and grabs your attention all the same. 

The minimalist lines, of course, are here to allow the design to age well, this is a car you will want to hang onto for a long time. 

And then what adds purpose and character are the short overhangs and muscular flanks. 

The snub nose and the uptight AMG Panamericana grille look particularly attractive and follow the bonnet line back.

The E-Cabrio even looks great with the tight-fitting roof up and the lines flowing nicely.

For safety, there are pop-up roll bars under the rear headrests. They deploy in one-third of a second if an impending rollover is detected. 

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