Mercedes-AMG A35 First Drive Review

The A35, according to many purists and even some AMG aficionados, is soft and docile. Globally, you have the A45, which has a lot more power and is a lot more fun.

And I agree that more power is more fun. But, I also agree, that useable power is the most fun. 

You see the first thing to do with an A35, is to ignore the AMG badge. That way, you avoid any expectations of a V8 or a hilariously loud exhaust. 

What you will appreciate though are the design changes, especially when you see one next to a standard A-Class. Everything on here is focused and more aggressive.

The bumpers, the grille, the bonnet, the AMG wheels along with the lowered stance.  

A profile view will make you nervous about its ground clearance and that is something to be worried about as I shall explain in a bit. 

The rear, again, is equally sporty and in line with the muscular AMG theme and thanks to the massive exhaust tips you are hopeful of a sweet sound as well. 

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