2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift First Drive Review

Just a quick stroll through the monthly sales figures and you know how popular the Swift nametag is in India. 

It’s got that commendable balance of proportions that make it desirable to possibly one of the widest spectrum of audience. 

And boy did it work in their favour. Time for the 2021 Swift to be back in the headlines? I think it is. 

However, hiking the starting price of the 2021 Swift by Rs 24,000 might not be the headlines you would like. 

It’s all the more worrying when you’ll be forced to pull out a microscope to spot the changes. 

Most of them would be glorified in the brochure – new grille with a dash of chrome, dual-tone colours, a new MID interface, engine start/stop function 

But in that table documented at the very end, you’ll see the power being upped by 7bhp. Now that’s a good headline. 

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