Lexus RX Review 2023: First Drive Review

At first glance, the new RX resembles the previous car, which means there’s no mistaking this for anything but a Lexus. 

But while the cuts and creases are all familiar it’s soon apparent that a lot is new, beginning with Lexus’ signature grille. 

The new grille still retains that pinched ‘spindle’ shape, but the top is now body-colored leaving the black area below looking more like a trapezoidal grille. 

Perhaps this is a slow departure from the signature design. The headlights remain slender and retain the jagged LED style. 

Over to the side, the sharply dipped window line remains with the trailing edge pinched a bit more than before. 

The rear is perhaps the most easily distinguished part of the car, with the tail lights now stretching out across the width. 

It’s not an even bar and the design looks neat with its flared edges and slender midsection. 

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