Lamborghini Urus Performante Review

Taking a car that rides high off the ground and defying the limits of physics wasn’t enough for Lamborghini. 

They want to “Raise the bar” with the Urus, enough for it to justify the Performante nameplate. 

So, does it have a massive jump in power? Not really. It has 666hp, and while it is a nice devilish number, it’s just 16hp more than the previous Urus and the same as the Urus S. 

Lambo put the Urus on a diet, toned up the handling and added a whole lot of aero, and to prove the point, took it to Pike’s Peak, where it set the record for a production SUV. 

The Urus’ diet means there’s extensive use of carbon fibre, like on the bonnet, roof (optional), fins, wheel arches, front bumper and rear diffuser. 

Lambo got rid of the bulky air suspension setup and traded it for regular coil springs, which has also lowered the Urus to the ground by 20mm, further aiding handling. 

An ultra-light titanium exhaust system shaves off a massive 10.4kg, and with additional savings from interior materials, rims and wheels, the Performante is now 47kg lighter. 

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