Jaguar I-Pace First Drive Review 2023

Imagine yourself driving five years from now, then imagine again being driven around ten years from now.  

What indeed will happen is that the green badged cars will outnumber and almost camouflage the white plate.  

On the contrary, for self-driving vehicles, still not sure, and this is where my imagination fails. 

Almost every Auto Manufacturer has an EV plugged in right into their mainstream strategy, with products rolled, and when all the forces come together, things happen. 

Just like CD/DVD drives in cars today are redundant, petrol pumps in the future might look like colossal charging stations. Who knows? 

It is the most anxious word when it comes to EV, it's the deal-breaker, and somewhere, it's always lingering in your mind while driving. 

The magical part is that an EV rewards you with braking and driving at low speeds by recouping some chargeback in the form of regeneration.  

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