Hyundai Venue N-Line Review 2023

Starting at Rs. 12.16L ex-showroom, the Venue N-Line is a competitive vibe enjoyed by enthusiasts and adored by everyone else. 

The Venue N-Line stance is shared with the regular Venue 2022, making it a practical car as a daily driver.  

The aural experience of the dual-pipe exhaust stuns and sounds way sportier than the actual drive experience.  

Despite the city’s legal speed limits, each rev built-up sounds fun and exhilarating. 

It induces an audio sense of pure enthusiasm from the driver, the passenger seat, and the audience on the road anticipating a sports car to pass by.  

The exhaust note alone feels like they’ve added a sportier engine beneath the hood, although that’s not the case. 

Adding to the auditory sense of enthusiast feels is a lightweight steering wheel paired with stiffer suspensions and four disc brakes on all four tyres. 

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