Hyundai Tucson – First Drive Review 2023

Did you know that the number of SUVs sold in 2020 was close to 25000, amounting to 22% of the Indian automotive industry? 

In 2022 this number has come up to 49,000, nearly double the amount in 2020. 

Currently, the SUV market share is over 41%, and estimated growth is up to 65,000 units by 2025. 

Catering to the skyrocketing demand for SUVs and premium SUVs in the Indian automotive market, Hyundai has launched their flagship premium SUV in India, known as the Hyundai Tucson.  

This one is a global bestseller product for Hyundai, and we explore this premium SUV in Nandi Hills, Bangalore. 

Our drive was made exciting as we drove through windy scenic roads in both the trims offered by Hyundai.  

Hyundai claims a strong body structure with the hot-stamping application...

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