Hyundai i20 N Line First Drive Review

The front-end is rather sporty looking thanks to strong power lines on the bonnet, and a dual-tone bumper with a red stripe running along.

It still is the same shape and size but it features chequered flag motifs with N Line badging that differentiates it from the standard car. 

Over to the side, you will spot new wheels that look racy, however, they are 16-inches as well, so not an upgrade from the standard version. 

What is nice though, is that there is plenty of N Line badging like on the wheels and fenders along with red strips on the side skirt. 

There has been no structural change, so dimensionally, the N Line is the same as the standard version. 

What you also get exclusively for the N Line are disc brakes for the rear wheels and a nice sporty spoiler with winglets adding to the overall aggressive design. 

The rear, again, is quite similar to the regular i20, but what pops out is the twin-tip chrome muffler that looks like a shotgun sticking out the back, and a faux diffuser as well.

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