Hyundai Alcazar First Drive Review

It’s hardly a news flash if you’ve been paying attention – over the past decade, families have dumped their sedans for similarly priced SUVs. 

They seem more suited for our driving conditions, offering space and versatility that suit an active lifestyle, let alone the imposing road presence and the feeling of ‘owning some large’. 

Such is the transformation that a once well-known hatchback maker is now the country’s largest SUV seller. No prizes for guessing, it is the Korean pappy. 

It is crucial then for such a brand to foray into a new segment that’s emerged in our dog-eat-dog market.  

A new segment, you ask? Enter extended versions of mid-size SUVs, increasing their fancies for customers to drool over. 

As it is, there’s a lot of pressure on the newest entrant on the group, but the Alcazar need not worry too much.  

After all, it’s based on the Creta whose popularity has grown quicker than the trendiest meme on social platforms. 

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