Citroen eC3 First Drive Review 2023

I’d say the eC3 makes for a great city commuter and occasional highway cruiser, but I wouldn’t call this an enthusiast package. 

Remember that this EV performs best inside the city and should be an excellent package for busy city streets. 

Prices are yet to be announced by Citroen, but if they do end up pricing the eC3 as aggressively as the C3.

Now in terms of performance, it won’t blow you away. On paper, it makes about the same amount of power as an entry-level hatchback or SUV. 

Its direct competitor, the Tata Tiago EV, uses a 24 kWh battery that produces 74 bhp and 114 Nm of torque but promises a similar range. 

In comparison, the eC3 is powered by a larger 29.2 kWh battery that makes about 56 bhp of power and 143 Nm of torque. 

Put your foot down, and the eC3 lunges forward in a relatively calm and sluggish manner, with standard mode slightly more responsive. 

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