BMW i7 India Review

The i7’s interior tech experience starts before you even get inside. It’s got powered doors that swivel open (and shut) for you at the touch of buttons outside and inside. 

A long press on the brake pedal also does the job of shutting the driver’s door and you can even control all door operations via the touchscreen and with voice commands. 

Cool entries and exits are guaranteed, but it must be said we did find ourselves reverting to the manual door release lever every now and then over the course of the i7’s time with us. 

In case you’re wondering, the powered doors only open when the surroundings are clear. Movement is paused if an obstacle is detected. 

Inside, the i7 borrows the twin-screen curved display from the latest lot of BMWs. However, in look and choice of materials, this cabin feels like a proper ‘seven’-badged flagship’s. 

There’s a generous use of leather all around and even the smallest of buttons look premium. 

Upping the lux look is a crystal-like finish (OTT or classy, your pick) for the seat controllers, iDrive knob and ‘Interaction Bar’ that runs across the width of the minimalist dash.

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