BMW 7 Series i7 Review 2023

Settle down in the new 7 Series and you feel you have stepped into the future. 

Around me are not only futuristic shapes, designs, motifs, and forms, but BMW has also made sure there are new materials and unique features.  

The biggest new ‘feature’ has to be the 31.3-inch 8K screen that straightaway elevates the rear seat experience. 

Once activated, BMW’s Theatre Screen folds out and drops with fanfare from the speakers. 

As expected, sharpness levels are as good as any top-flight TV set.  

You can adjust the screen forward or back, depending on the front headrests, and you can even ‘slide’ the active part of the screen towards where you are sitting. 

Pre-installed are Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube, and here in the US, where we are driving it, you also have 5G (where available). 

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