BMW 330Li Gran Limousine | First Drive Review

The stretch of 110mm might only be as long as your palm, but it feels a lot more palatial on the inside, and this is coming from a six-footer like me. 

The cabin allows you to settle in for a relaxed drive, the seats are very well cushioned and angled to offer the maximum under-thigh support. 

This, combined with the large panoramic sunroof, dedicated rear AC vents, ambient lighting and a plush ride easily qualifies it on your list of chauffeur-driven cars to buy. 

Who would’ve imagined saying such generous words about the rear seats of a 3 Series.  

But if rear-seat is your priority, do you really need the petrol powertrain, or is an oil burner more apt for the job? 

While the diesel does check out most of the requisites of a chauffeur driven car, the 330Li goes two steps ahead by offering an even more refined and smooth engine 

with the capability of satisfying your driving needs on days when you feel like flexing your right leg.  

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