2022 Audi Q7 First Drive Review

The Audi Q7 has never been one for striking looks and details, but I must admit I was smitten by its butch and muscular looks. 

The Q7 is one long and relatively low car, giving it a more station wagon-like stance.  

Now, station wagons aren't to everyone's appeal, but I've always found their shape rather appealing, and the new Q7 is one seriously handsome looking automobile. 

The minimal paint quality on the Q7 is also quite eye-catching, especially if you notice its pearly shimmer under the sunlight. 

The Q7 gets a new redesigned bumper, and a pair of new matrix LED headlamps that also feature dynamic turn indicators.  

Now I am not such a massive fan of the 19" five-spoke wheels on this Q7.

Come over to the rear, and the Q7 has redesigned rear bumper and taillights that also feature dynamic turn indicators. 

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