Mercedes Benz S 680 Guard Review

Look at it from a distance and it’s hard to tell it apart from the regular S-Class. When you go closer, small details give it away. 

The shiny chrome flag holders on the sides, the alloys and the thicker window frames, and finally the S 680 badge at the back.  

While the car may look and feel like a regular S-Class inside and out, every little detail has been engineered keeping passenger safety in mind. 

There would never be a sunroof in the S Guard, nor would there ever be a keyless go that can be hacked. 

No fancy flush handles would ever replace conventional ones, and heavy steel brakes ensure the car stops in time. 

The engine bay and boot, however, are not engineered grounds up as it is not absolutely necessary and would have only increased weight. 

To ensure that the 4.2 tonnes has enough to power it along, they have put in a V12 with 612hp and 830Nm of torque. 

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