Mercedes Benz S 680 Guard Review

High in the Tyrolean alpine region, on a snowy, icy test track, I found out what it’s like to drive this 4.2-tonne armoured vehicle as if I were in one of those movie chases. 

The day began with a comparative braking test between the regular S-Class and the S Guard. 

While one can quickly feel the physics of the extra 2 tonnes of weight come into play, especially under acceleration and in stopping distances, the actual difference is quite remarkably small. 

I expected the armoured vehicle to go sliding a lot longer under braking, especially on the wet snowy track. 

The driver doesn’t know which way the rear will kick out and the idea is to react quickly and catch the slide. 

Now imagine the rear of a 4.2-tonne vehicle suddenly losing it without warning on a very low-traction surface while you are at the wheel. Your reflexes have to be lightning-quick to react. 

What is remarkable is when you are quick enough with the counter steer, the titanic-like car regains composure with an ease you cannot fathom. 

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