Mercedes Benz EQB 350 Review

At the crack of dawn, with 100 percent charge and a displayed range of 364-401km, we started on Eco mode and made a swift and silent exit from the city 

Here, the added 130Nm of torque became a lot more evident. It now stands at a strong 520Nm, making quick overtakes a breeze, but what’s more impressive is how that torque is deployed. 

It is expected to be instantaneous in EVs, but the EQB has been tuned to be subdued and linear. As a result, even mashing your foot down results in a responsive but linear surge.

As the FASTag blipped open the barrier at the first expressway toll at Khalapur, we were at 84 percent with 74km covered, and an efficiency of 6.9km/kWh. 

But just 13km later, we were caught in a gridlocked traffic jam; 45 minutes of inching forward, and uphill, hit efficiency hard. 

We crossed the second toll at Talegaon after a relaxing drive with 123km on the trip, 67 percent battery, and a range of 270km. 

A quick check-in with Mahabaleshwar revealed it was all jammed up ahead thanks to summer vacations, and to make matters worse, most charging stations were occupied. 

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