Maserati MC20 Review 2023

It’s a looker for sure with classic and gorgeous Italian curves shaping the top, whereas the bottom has sharp chiselled edges. 

Maserati says the edges are on account of the lower portion being the business end of the car tasked with a lot of the aero work. 

To highlight this duality in its design, the top is painted whereas the lower end consisting of the grille, front splitter, side skirts and diffuser are carbon-fibre black. 

Carbon fibre is also the choice of material for the passenger tub to which aluminium subframes are attached at the front and rear for the suspension and the mid-mounted Nettuno V6 motor. 

After having cut the Ferrari cords, Maserati developed the Nettuno, their first powertrain in more than 20 years, and gave it their all, packing in some complex F1 tech. 

The cylinders are banked at 90 degrees and each has a pre-combustion chamber in addition to the main chamber. 

Both chambers have their individual sparkplugs which can fire together or separately. There’s also a twin-injection set-up which uses direct injection as well as an indirect port injection system. 

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