Land Rover Defender 130 Review

Yes, at 5,358mm including the spare wheel, the 130 is 340mm longer than the 110, but this added length has come entirely behind the rear axle 

On a subjective note, some have found it a bit slab-sided or bulky looking compared to the far more truncated 90 and 110 body styles 

The test car was also fitted with a dark chrome styling pack and the accessories pack that includes a ladder, storage box 

As for the other downside, serious off-roaders might lament the fact that the departure angle, as a result of the longer tail, has reduced from 40 degrees to 28.5, vis-a-vis the 110. 

But then if pushing the absolute limits off-road trumps carrying eight passengers in comfort, then, perhaps, the 130 isn’t the Defender for you. 

The upside, of course, is inside, where you’ll find a brand new third row of seats, which Land Rover says can accommodate three adults. 

Of course, it’s not as spacious or plush as the second-row bench, but because it’s located above and slightly behind the rear axle, it’s far better than the optional ‘plus two’ seats you can get in the 110. 

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