Ferrari Roma India Review

Enzo Ferrari would have really liked the Ferrari Roma. There are several reasons for this. For one, he always believed in putting the “horse before the cart”. 

Front engine cars were his thing. Then he seemed to prefer GTs or Grand Touring cars over more hardcore sports cars. 

He would have liked the design too. Yes, the Roma has classical flowing lines, but what it also has is a distinct identity; and that was always important to Ferrari. 

So, just how usable and comfortable to drive is the Roma, especially in our conditions? Just how practical is it? And does it drive like a thoroughbred Ferrari when you flip the switch?  

The profile is sharp, clean and confident. It feels like it has been designed with bold strokes and a confident hand. 

The shark nose and bulging bonnet live together happily and then the new slot like taillights work superbly too. 

I’m not a big fan of this body-coloured version of Ferrari’s traditional ‘cheese-grater’ grille, but would a chrome one with a prancing horse look better? Maybe. 

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