Ferrari Purosangue Review 2023

Say hello to the all-new Purosangue (pu-roh-sang-way), a tongue twister of a name that means thoroughbred in Italian. 

And true to its name and pedigree, Ferrari has kept the fundamentals of this hallowed brand completely intact, despite breaking a few traditions. 

It’s the first four-door Ferrari in history and comes with SUV-like ground clearance. But calling the Purosangue an SUV is blasphemous (for Ferrari) and you can understand why. 

It’s a radical departure from the SUV template followed by rivals like Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin and more of a high-riding sportscar. 

At the heart of the Purosangue is nothing less than a V12, the same 6.5 litre that powers the 812 Superfast but with mildly less power (715hp). 

Let’s start with the 185mm ground clearance, possibly the most important detail on the spec sheet for Indian buyers. 

Add an extra 20mm, and you get the standard lift system, or 30mm with the optional Lift Plus, and you’re looking at an SUV-like 205-215mm gap between the road and the long underbelly. 

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