Ferrari 296 GTB India Review

Most of the thumping in my chest, however, is down to the power output; not 500, not 600, not 700 but 830hp! Gulp. 

And then, just to make it more exciting, more agile, more nimble, this new mid-engine Ferrari is built on a wheelbase that is 50mm shorter. 

Who does that? And oh, did I mention, all of that 830hp goes through the rear wheels? Every last horse. 

So it’s 415hp per wheel. Yes, you have stickly 305 section rubber in the rear, and importantly, Ferrari’s award-winning electronic rear differential (e-diff). 

It puts the right amount of power to the right wheel, at just the right time. Still, this much power in a rear-wheel-drive chassis specifically tuned for agility will be challenging to drive.  

After the elevated heartbeat, the dryness in my throat and the cold sweat comes a big smile and plenty of laughter. 

I hit the capacitive button on the steering wheel to start the car, and nothing. So, I start in eD mode, might as well, the 296 is part-EV after all. 

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