Ferrari 250 GTO Review 2023

A modern Ferrari changes its mood depending on where you point the manettino switch on the steering wheel. 

We drove a road-spec 250 SWB featuring the mid-range 3.5-litre V12. You can downsize to a lighter 3.0-litre engine or upgrade to a lustier 4.0-litre, if you prefer. 

Likewise, there’s a choice of gearboxes with either four or five speeds, this test car featuring the latter. 

There’s even an electronic rear differential, so the way the car puts down its power can be fiddled with to your backside’s content. 

Sorry to gush, but an afternoon in GTO Engineering’s 250 SWB Revival should be prescription medication for petrolheads. 

Disillusioned by SUVs, electric car sycophancy and struggling to enjoy driving on the public highway any more? 

It’s a heady blend of unfettered rawness, from when driving used to be a physical challenge, not simply a test of nerve. 

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