Audi Q5 long term Review

The first call of duty for our long term Audi Q5 was a mundane airport transfer. 

It was filling in for our long term Skoda Superb, which, with its massive boot, has become our designated ‘airport’ car. 

But Shapur was happily using the Superb and had no intention of parting with it anytime soon, and to be honest, the Q5 was an upgrade, a nice step up to a luxury SUV. 

The Q5 passed muster quite easily, with the well-shaped and deep boot swallowing two large and two medium-sized bags quite easily, without the need to remove the parcel shelf. 

In fact, space is the Q5’s forte and the well-appointed cabin has enough of it, giving you little reason to pay extra money for a Q7. Unless you need a third row of seats and more power. 

Speaking of power, we’ve sampled the Q5’s 2.0 TFSI in our long term A4 and were reminded of how effortless and smooth this 249hp turbo-petrol is. 

The linearity, the perfectly calibrated response to every input from your right foot is the key to the Q5’s chilled out character and its complemented by the swift and sweet shifting 7-speed DCT. 

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